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 Make your event unforgettable

World-Class Big Band, Swing, Hot Jazz, Great American Songbook
with Award-Winning Vocals

Embark on a journey through time with Classic Jazz Productions, your gateway to the golden era of popular song. We are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich legacy of vintage jazz, American song, swing, and Big Band music. Through our captivating events and meticulously crafted recordings, we bring the vibrant spirit of this iconic genre to life, transporting audiences to an bygone era.

Classic Jazz Productions invites you to experience the timeless magic of great music. Let the melodies transport you to a world of elegance, sophistication, and pure musical artistry.
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Live Music for Events
Concerts & Cabarets
Ready-to-Present Shows
Dances, Events, & Festivals
Artist Representation
Recording & Distribution
Arranging & Production
Coaching & Consulting



Our musicians are among the finest in the world - unmatched in their ability to play in this authentic style. It’s no wonder they’re so in-demand!


Classic Jazz Productions provides an experience to transcend mere entertainment. We invite you to journey through the golden age of jazz, delivered with passion, professionalism, and a
touch of timeless elegance.


Leave it to us to plan, prepare, and present entertainment that is sure to delight your guests and surpass your expectations.


Kimberly Hawkey & Dan Gabel

With a shared passion for classic American jazz and over 40 years of combined experience, this dynamic duo now brings the magic of live jazz to audiences worldwide through Classic Jazz Productions.

Aside from her award-winning voice, Kimberly's expertise lies in concert production and special event coordination. Years of experience navigating the complexities of large-scale events ensure your vision comes to life with elegance and precision. Dan, a seasoned musician and arranger, leads a world-class 18-piece big band in the classic style. His impressive touring credits with legendary orchestras like The Glenn Miller, Cab Calloway, and Tommy Dorsey further solidify his position as a true maestro of the genre.

Together, Kimberly and Dan bring a unique blend of musical expertise and event management prowess to Classic Jazz Productions. Their collaborative approach ensures every event, from intimate gatherings to grand galas, receives the personalized attention and meticulous planning it deserves.

What People Are Saying...
Image by israel palacio

Dan Gabel has the finest Big Band anywhere. His orchestra is the best that we have heard since my wife and I danced to Tommy Dorsey in 1942.

-Brad, Boston, MA

This was my first time experiencing this style of music live.  I truly enjoyed this concert and look forward to seeing them in the future! Just bought the album and am definitely a fan now!

-Pricilla, Stoughton, MA 

What a great night…the instrumentals were fantastic, as were all the vocals. I loved the sing-along… I finally purchased a couple CDs and can’t wait for the next production!

-John, Worcester, MA

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